Aylesbury Duck and Weave Canadian Vodka (750ml)

Product Description

Vodka with a spicy and grainy character made from soft white winter wheat grown in the Western Rockies of Canada. We tested this vodka in Bloody Marys, Moscow Mules and various other infamous mixed drinks and the result was always rather pleasant. Add anything.

Aylesbury Duck is made from a soft white winter wheat sourced directly from local farmers in the Western Rockies of Canada (near Calgary).

We ship our vodka at 96.5% proof
to our bottling facility in Northern California where we add water to bring Aylesbury Duck to its final proof of 80 (40% ABV).

The only filtration used in the production of Aylesbury Duck is particle filtration (like with most spirits). We are sorry that we don’t have a fun story about filtering through carbon, diamonds and crystal, etc, but we felt the spirit from the still was good enough without this extra step.