Bender and Cohen Double Barrel Rye Whiskey (750ml)

Product Description
Bender & Cohen is a new brand brought to you by the team behind Bender's Rye. The two founders consider this brand an experimental playground and use the name to offer ultra-small batch unique craft whiskies that will likely never be recreated. In partnership with San Francisco's Treecraft Distillery on Treasure Island, they've distilled this unique California Rye from organic grain grown right in the Central Valley. They milled, mashed and fermented the 100% rye mashbill on little island in the San Francisco bay before double distilling it on Master Distiller Nate Byerly's small copper pot stills. The two barrels in question, both number 5 char, were each aged in separate environments, one in a closed shipping container and the other in an outdoor area completely exposed to the elements. The barrels were mingled and then proof down slightly to an even keeled 110 proof. Extremely generous and open considering the age and proof, offering deep charred oak, dense earthy spice, stewed fruits and a rich texture, this tiny batch of whiskey is one of a kind.