Fieldwork Brewing Hugo French Table Beer (5.16 Gal Keg)

Product Description
Hugo is not only our former brewery puppy turned current brewery Ewok, but Hugo is also our French Table Beer; a 4.6% ABV Saison using all French malts, yeast, and hops. A blend of French Pilsner, Munich, and Special Aromatic malts give Hugo a nice bready malt character that makes this beer as enjoyable as belly rubs on a Sunday morning. In this updated version we decided to swap in Barbe Rouge hops from the Alsace region of France that provide a super unique and delicate profile of red currants, honeysuckle, and citrus blossoms. Perfectly balanced and superbly sessionable Hugo the French Table Beer is the perfect beer to crowler-up with at a Dog Park or cozied up next to your best friend on our patio.