Hillrock Solera Bourbon (750ml)

Product Description
Color: Reddish amber. Nose: There are muted but pleasant notes of vanilla and maple syrup on the nose, and traces of mint. Overall, there isn’t one set of dominant notes that really sticks out on the nose. But no one buys whiskey to smell it. Flavor: The flavor profile features toffee, molasses, and red fruit prominently. There are notes of spice — clove, cinnamon, and mint — that one would expect from a high rye bourbon. What makes this whiskey an absolute treat to drink is that the flavors are extraordinarily well-balanced. The complexity and nuance of this bourbon’s flavor increased the more time I spent with it, and I found the depth of flavor to be remarkable. Finish: The spice flavors linger on the finish, along with chocolate-covered cherries, and a rich sherried wood essence is introduced.