Old Weller Antique Bourbon Original 107 Brand Kentucky 1(750ml)

Product Description

Nose: There’s a lot of spice that immediately hits your nose, with subtle hints of vanilla, caramel and butterscotch. Deeper within the nose are whiffs of leather and nutmeg with trace amounts of cinnamon. Most surprising is the amount of oak that comes off of it for a relatively young bourbon. If you smell long enough you may even discover some sweet barbecue sauce scents.

Palate: It comes off a bit thin at first but then a tidal wave of flavor and heat hit that even affects your nose. It feels like you’re sipping a barrel proof bourbon without the high proof attached to it. It has moments of sweetness mixed with some grain dryness and a bit of alcohol flavor within for good measure.

Finish: This where the oak shines through. A delicious combination of char and spice that doesn’t overstay its welcome. The wheat sweetness is still present, but a measured blast of heat will let you know it’s there as it goes down. The finish isn’t overly complex but it has a decent amount of weight to it that helps balance the whole package.

Uniqueness: Besides being one of the few wheated bourbons on the marketplace, oak verses age is the name of the game here. This 7 year bourbon has more oak flavor than many bottle onsale today. Whatever magic Buffalo Trace uses to accomplish this certainly make it unique to Weller Antique. The nose on each of the W.L. Weller line (12 Year, Special Reserve, Antique) are all magnificent. They’re easily comparable to bourbons twice their price.