Scheid Vineyards Isabelle California Sparkling Wine 2011 (750ml)

Product Description
If you know about the crafting of champagne, you understand it is a special wine that is a labor of love. And that is why our sparkling cuvée was named for Isabelle Adolphin Pearce, beloved mother of Al Scheid. Like the hands-on, no-shortcuts-allowed méthode champenoise way we produce our sparkler, Isabelle was old school through and through. Something "store bought" wasn’t worth nearly as much as something that was lovingly made by hand, whether it was an intricately crocheted afghan, a faux red fur coat for her granddaughter, or her melt-in-your-mouth pot roast. She firmly believed that busy hands make a happy heart and she lived by those words by working hard and taking care of others her entire life. Our 2011 Isabelle Sparkling Wine is an elegant and complex cuvée in a Brut style, with lively fruit, crisp acidity and a toasty creaminess. Here’s to Isabelle, much loved and greatly missed.