Seven Stills Amongst The Trees West Coast Double IPA (5.16 Gal Keg)

Product Description
It's hard to live in the Bay Area and not appreciate how good we have it. We're surrounded by beauty, and we can be in the mountains, the woods, or on the beach all in the same day. On top of it, in each one of those places, you're bound to find fantastic breweries, making delicious beers that fit the local palate of the folks living there. Recent visits to NorCal have piqued our senses, and we wanted to pay homage to their vibe. Both the piney, comforting smells of the redwood forests, and the legendary breweries tucked in between them all still making world-class beers, left us feeling like we were "walking with giants." They both helped to inspire our newest DIPA, Amongst the Trees. A classic West Coast Double IPA, the piney and citrusy aromas and flavors will transport you, and you'll get all those giant flavors, just the right amount of bitterness to balance the malt backbone, and finish that'll remind you of some of your favorite classics. Columbus, Centennial, and Simcoe hops create the bold aromas and flavors that made you fall in love with IPAs to begin with. As easy as this goes down though, don't be fooled! It's still an 8% DIPA! Fresh and delicious, this beer is a truly befitting tribute to the giants who paved the way for us. Don't hesitate to get some for yourself, though, because unlike the beers that inspired us, we don't expect this one to be around for very long!