Seven Stills Cord Drawer Hazy DIPA (5.16 Gal Keg)

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Product Description
So, we wanted to make a beer that we'd all love to drink. We wanted to feature some Sabro hops, a delicious varietal that features a number of fun flavors. What else would we want to add to this to make for a fun and interesting combination? Well, like many of you have to rifle through the proverbial "random drawer" in your kitchen, the guys put together a couple of the best fresh hops that we had available to us, and Cord Drawer was born! With light, bright citrus notes from the other featured hops, and those flavors reminiscent of coconut coming from the Sabro, the result that the guys in production have presented us with is nothing short of spectacular! Just the right amount hops and mouth feel, with just the slightest hint of bitterness on the end to balance it all out. This is a fitting end to this past year, but even more so, it's the perfect way to ring in the new one. So dust off your top hats, and rummage around for those noise makers, and then get yourself down to the store and celebrate with the freshest possible beer in your hot little hands. Be careful not to wait until the last minute to try and get this one! Just like the countdown to midnight, the clock is ticking on this one, and when time runs out, it's all over for this round!