Seven Stills Kölsch Brewers Choice: Rylan's Traditional A.F. recipe (5.16 Gal Keg)

Product Description
When our head brewer Rylan learned that he finally got the green light to brew one of his favorite classic German styles, a Kölsch, his beard made a very distinct movement that either indicated a smile or a grimace. After judging how this beer turned out, I think that I can safely say that it was a smile! The Kölsch has been made particularly popular here in the Bay Area over the last few years thanks to its similarity to a lager but with shorter tank time. However, for lovers of classic German styles, the Kölsch has always been a tried and true favorite. Traditionally brewed in Cologne, Germany, and enjoyed in a very distinct 5 oz cylindrical "super shot glass," Kölsch is a beer you count by hours, not by servings... and is an essential addition to any occasion in its native Cologne. For us here in the Bay experiencing our second Summer though, our Kölsch is an essential addition to any sunny day in the park or lazy day on the beach. Not to mention, if the beer is good enough to make Rylan grin, you KNOW it's going to be tasty!