Seven Stills Saison (5.16 Gal Keg)

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Product Description
Our own head brewer Rylan Ortiz has a very special treat for all of you, a beautiful Saison featuring spelt in the grain bill. But just to make this a little more complex, he decided to feature some American Belma hops, and it has REALLY set this off into the stratosphere! You get that beautiful traditional Saison character from the yeast: a little lemony citrus, a little rustic. The spelt offers a little spice and a little touch of nuttiness. The Belma brings the house, however, adding a little citrus and almost a tropical note, with loads of berry notes in both flavor and aroma! There are more layers here than that dip your Aunt brought to nosh on while the bird is cooking! The best part is that the Saison qualities will compliment the herbaceous and savory notes of the big meal, and the hops will add a perfect brightening contrast, while the effervescent nature will scrub your palate to deliver maximum coma-inducing flavor with every bite! Whether watching the big game, or going back for seconds, you've got the perfect pairing at your fingertips with this one! Unlike the meal, though, this one ain't gonna have leftovers for days, so don't snooze too long on the couch, or it's going to be all gone